Keyboard shortcuts for custom terminal commands in Ubuntu 17.10 (an example to suspend the system)

Jeril Kuriakose
3 min readMar 6, 2018

I recently got a new HP Laptop, and it does not have an inbuilt keyboard shortcut for Suspend , and I couldn’t find it either in the Power-off option. I Googled a lot, and finally got the terminal command to Suspend the system.

In this article, we will be learning how to create a keyboard shortcut to Suspend your PC or Laptop that uses Ubuntu 17.10.

Step 1: Create a shell script to Suspend the system. I named the shell script file as

Step 2: Give executable permission for the created shell script in any directory, I created in my Home directory.

chmod +x

Step 3: Open Ubuntu settings.

Step 4: Select Devices and then Keyboard .

Step 5: Scroll down the window and click the + button, to create a custom shortcut. A pop window will appear, where you need to give a Name for the shortcut, a command that will be executed when the shortcut is selected, and a button to set the shortcut. The command will be as follows:

gnome-terminal -e <path-to-the-executable-shell-script>

In my case the command was as follows:

gnome-terminal -e "/home/jeril/"

Step 6: Click the Set Shortcut... button, and set your preferred shortcut. In my case it was Alt + L. You can keep your preferred option (just press Alt + L). Then a the popup windows will look like the following:

Step 7: Click Add to create your shortcut. Now the Keyboard settings will look like the following:

Now by pressing Alt + L will put your system in Suspend mode.

Hope it helps !!!